Complete Car Repairs in Lancing and surrounding areas at R&G Autocare

R&G Autocare specialise in car repairs, providing a full range of services throughout West Sussex including Lancing and surrounding areas, our home town, and all neighbouring areas. Replacement clutches, cambelts, brakes and exhausts form a major part of our everyday business. We also undertake mechanical car repairs using traditional troubleshooting practices.


We take incredible pride in the delivery of high-end automotive services similar to those provided by dealerships in the Lancing and surrounding areas and West Sussex areas. The biggest difference with our own car repairs is that they are much lower in price. Even though we are financially competitive, our quality standards are exceptionally high and comparable to dealerships.


New Clutches and Transmission Repairs



  • Low-frequency vibrations and juddering
  • Engine acceleration without an increase in speed and a possible burning smell
  • A sudden jump as you take the foot of the clutch pedal
  • Difficulty in moving from first gear to neutral and experiencing noise
  • A jolt when changing gear with the vehicle in motion


We always use OEM-complaint replacement clutches with car repairs. Road users in Lancing and surrounding areas and the surrounding areas can use our transmission services with confidence because we provide full labour and component warranties on very job undertaken.



Cambelts Replaced at Scheduled Intervals


Cambelts should be replaced at recommended intervals. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to your engine. At R&G Autocare, we help you avoid the potential cost of more expensive car repairs by replacing cambelts before expected wear becomes a problem. A damaged belt can bend valves and this results in an expensive engine rebuild.




Brakes Replaced by the R&G Autocare Team


When brakes stop working to maximum capacity, it’s essential that you take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. The problem could be any number of things but it is most likely that your pads, drums, discs or shoes are worn. Symptoms can also be noticed if you run low on brake fluid or if there are issues with the brake cylinders.


We ask that motorists in Lancing and surrounding areas and West Sussex ring us today and book an appointment if they think there is a problem with their brakes. It could make all the difference between resolving a minor problem and facing a potentially dangerous one. Having brakes replaced regularly also negates the need for costlier car repairs in the event of an accident.

Contact R&G Autocare now to discuss car repairs at our Lancing and surrounding areas workshop. We specialise in the replacement of brakes, clutches and cambelts.

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